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Trim Your Rim – SeaSalt Caramel Macchiato (out of stock)


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The Mix:
3 cups half and half
1 to 2 cups vodka
1 cup Irish Cream
Whisk 10oz. packet of de Chocolate mix into vodka and Irish Cream until dissolved.
Add the halfand half and pour over ice in a shaker.
Pour into a rimmed martini glass

The Rimmer:
Use a small amount of water around the edge of your glass. Pour the rimmer (candy mix)
onto a plate and dip the edge of the glass into the rimmer.

Tip: If you're using plastic glasses mix 1 part water and 1 part syrup
Water will not let the rimmer stick to plastic.

A rich caramel coffee flavored cocoa mix with a caramel sugar rimmer with a touch of sea salt to trim the rim of your mug.
Can be used to create hot cocoa, iced chocolates, blended frappes or chocolate martinis. The perfect "neighbor gift" during the Holidays!