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Twenty years ago after completing Interiors Design School I leased a 1914 Historical home in Santa Ana, California, five years doing my design interiors the recession affected my business, I then decide to turn my location into a location where I hosted Weddings and Receptions, when my lease was up I purchansed a building in Fullerton California and designed it into a location for Weddings, Receptions, Resturant and an English Tea (we served award winning scones) Room, while the construction was being done I went to culinary school.

It turned out to be a beautiful location with a patio to accommodate 200 guests, a 16 foot gagebo and a 20 foot waterfall. I loved doing this for ten years, then my husband passed away, after that my heart just wasn’t into it any more.

I sold my business, moved to Las Vegas Nevada to retire, which I found out retirement wasn’t for me.

I decided to create a website for my two passions, Food and Fashion.

On my website I searched and found fashion that was chic and reasonable, for the kitchen I purchased gourmet foods for the busy cook and gadgets that will make any cook’s life easier.


Charli Carsey